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Numeria is a kingdom and in the world of Pathfinder. It is located west of Brevoy and the Stolen Lands, north of the River Kingdoms and south of the demon-infested Worldwound and the crusader state of Mendev.


Numeria is a barren, harsh land inhabited by tribes of savage barbarians and ruled over by the Black Sovereign, currently Kevoth-Kul, a despot controlled by a manipulative group of mages called the Technic League who toy with forces they do not understand. More noble tribes sell their blades to the highest bidder. Less scrupulous tribes resort to piracy, banditry or even slave trade. Ferocity of the Numerian mercenaries is well known in the River Kingdoms.


Numeria is ruled by the Black Sovereign Kevoth-Kul, a drug-addicted despot who resides within his capital of Starfall. His reign is almost completely unopposed by the people of Numeria, but his control is far from complete; Numeria is too vast a country to rule effectively with an iron fist. The people of Numeria instead try to avoid the gaze of their tyrannical ruler and continue living life much as they always have.


Numeria is a harsh, often brutal land that raises hard, often brutal people. The land's primary inhabitants are humans of Kellid stock who, outside of the large cities like Starfall and Chesed, tend to organise themselves along tribal lines. While in theory these tribes all owe fealty to the Black Sovereign, outside of Numeria's big settlements and beyond the reach of the Black Sovereign's armies, life continues much as it has for eons. Raiding is still a popular and lucrative lifestyle, especially into the poorly organized River Kingdoms, although those lands are not defenseless: river pirates often travel up the Sellen and West Sellen Rivers to attack Numerian settlements before quickly retreating back south.